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Hi Anne,
Firstly, you have excellent taste. My Mini will be almost identical to yours. I've gone for the same colour, with chrome interior & exterior, so your photos gave me a clue as to how mine will look. I've added chrome mirror caps though.

Regarding the stripes, they look excellent, but if you do decide to remove them, the way to do so, is to use steam or alternatively a hair dryer. You need to use a cooler to warm setting (not hot), and this will loosen the glue on the bonnet stripes. There's a YouTube video here:

I may add stripes to mine now........
Thanks for stripe removal instruction - very useful. I might live with them for a bit, take a rain check as they say. Otherwise l'm delighted with it my stealth bomber! Hard to keep clean tho' - cleaned it 3 times in first week ha ha.
41 - 42 of 42 Posts
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