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iPhone Garmin App Veh Display integration

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Have bought a Cooper S w/Visual Boost, no Sat Nav, but have iPhone 6 w/Garmin App. Within App you can purchase the Vehicle Display Integration, which is suppose to display Nav map from iPhone to an external display installed on some vehicles. Has anyone done this? Would hate to pay $50 for something that doesn't work.

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Does the Garmin app say it's compatible with Mini Connected?

Mini Connected doesn't seem to work with any other apps then it specifies, and Garmin is not one of them at my last check (I think).

You do have the option in the US of buying the Mini Portable Navigation which attaches near your speedo cluster for not a vast amount of cash. It's oddly expensive in the UK.


Your other option is to get a CravenSpeed iPhone Mount, as they are super neat mounts for Minis.
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According to MINI USA the sat nav is $435 and the click and drive system is $150 = £$585. I bought mine in UK for £265 all in.
The click and drive will accept any Garmin unit.
Sure thing, I was only quoting the cost on MINI Configurator USA. Fitting not included, although you'd hope a click n drive thing doesn't cost much to fit. It looks like it attaches with the 3 screws behind the tach.

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