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Is Carplay posible?

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I hove a 2021 Mini Cooper Countryman Oxford Edition base model and was wondering if a retrofit exists to add Apple Carplay?

USA model

Thank you.
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Hi! New member, just purchased a 2020 Mini Countryman S. I have the smaller screen (6.5 in) and while I love the car, but it sucks to not have Apple CarPlay. Any chance of being able to install it? Not liking the pricey aftermarket head units I’ve seen. Thanks!
Reach out to Sb2002 and he will let you know what you need to get Car play up and running in your vehicle. He has helped many with this issue that BMW/Mini will tell you is not possible. You dont have to buy an mmi module or a car play module from china. Read the entire thread and you will see how many people he has helped.

Will read up and reach out. Thanks!
1 - 2 of 577 Posts