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Is it Worth the wait?

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Hi everyone,
I´m new to the mini community and I want to now if it´s worth the wait to get my new mini.
Unlike most of you guys that place the order to get your mini here in Mexico there are three versions of the mini (salt, chilli, pepper) and mini S (salt, chilli, hot chilli).
I made the down payment may 12 and my dealer told me that the car I wanted was already in another dealership in another city. He told me It would take about a week to get here, then after a week he told me that by may 30 I would be getting my car. then on may 27 he told me that instead of may 30 it would be june 3. Now he tells me that the car has already been picked up at the other dealership but they don´t know when it will get here, but they say it will surely be this week.
The thing is, I don´t believe anything they say anymore and I´m kind of getting frustrated with all the delays and thinking of cancelling my order. the "good" thing is I got a loaner from the dealership until I get my car hehe
My last car was an Acura TSX 2010 and as you can see it´s a very different type of car. When I test drove the mini I was fascinated and really wanted one. But now I don´t know if it was just the emotion of the moment or I really want the car ( i know I do hehe)
Please help!!!
OH, the car is a mini S thunder gray with black roof and mirrors
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