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Is "the voice" settable?

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I pick up my JCW in another 16.5 hours(but who's counting?) and I probably won't get to sleep tonight which has many things running rampant through my mind. The current thought is regarding the car's announcer voice. Is it a male or female? Does he/she have an accent? Can it be set? I'd love to have a sexy latina in the car with me (kind of like an old Black Eyed Peas tune), even a lovely Emma Peele sort of Brit babe. I had a portable Garmin GPS that you could set the voice. It not only changed the language but you could choose English with specific accents (and they had names assigned) which came with regional colloquialisms like "roundabout" vs "rotary" or "traffic circle".

Along the same line, do you folks assign a name to your GPS?
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Lady. Not changeable but very nice!
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