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Is This Brake Pad Warning Light Normal?

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Hi all,

I've had the brake service warning counting down for a while now on my F56 MCS, and it has now gone past '0 miles remaining'. Around the point that it hit 0 miles, the red brake warning light came on in the speedometer, like the image attached, which has made me a little concerned.


I have checked the pads through the wheel, which still have a reasonable amount of meat on them, and have also checked the brake fluid of which there is plenty. The brake pedal also feels normal and there is no grinding noises. I have also scanned my car with an OBD reader and no codes came up.

Does this light just come on when the wear sensor's contact is broken? Or is this another issue that I'm not aware of?

Any advice is greatly appreciated!
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Just curious, how were your rear pads? I'm at 15.000 km now and the dealer says my front pads are slightly above 50% but rear pads are below 50%.
I get it that ESP regularly pings your rear brakes in a tight high-speed curve to help the car into the corner, i.e. drive harder = get more rear brakes wear. But still curious.
Late to the discussion but my 2018 JCW brake wear light came on. At around 15K miles. Caught me by surprise. My usage is easy on brakes. I usually get 50K miles or more. With one car (Porsche Turbo) I managed around 124K miles from the front brakes. Rear brakes were worn but no warning light on when I sold the car at 161K miles.

Turns out the JCW's driver's side rear brake and one pad -- the one with the sensor -- was worn down.

After the pads/rotors/sensors replaced I noticed the the stability control symbol flashing during a sweeping right hand turn. And I could feel the driver's side rear brake being applied. I tried taking this at lower and lower speeds. The stability control still applied that brake.

Decided to try a brake fluid flush/bleed. Had this done and after the stability control system was quiet. Oh with some effort I could cause it to activate but then its intervention was justified.
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