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It's arrived! JCW challenge

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FINALLY got to pick up my mini JCW challenge and what can I say.. I've never owned a car that's put such a huge smile on my face! The Challenge comes standard with the valvetronic exhaust and I thinks it completely makes the car - when you find yourself tapping the throttle to get a 'pop' and 'bang'
Got plenty of ideas for the f56 so this weekend I'll get to fit the NM Engineering intake which I ordered from the states along with the KW V1 coilovers, I've also got the JCW aero kit on order (as it's currently on backorder) including the rear diffuser and both front and back arches/splitters. Pictures to come soon!
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Oh wow the Challenge is a car you can actually buy over there? Jealous!

Congrats! Let's see some pictures. That bluetooth exhaust indeed is amazing sounding.
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