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JCW Grille (with red strip) - fitting?

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First of all, this is my first post on this site so hello all. We've got a couple of Mini's in the household, a Mar '15 F55 Volcano Orange S, and a Mar '15 F56 BRG SD both great cars! Once I have the time (and they are clean) I'll post some piccies up.

I'm looking to add some further JCW parts/accessorises and looking into swapping the existing F56 grille with the JCW variant (with red strip). Looking at the part diagram online, it doesn't look too difficult but understand getting the existing grille off "may" require the front bumper to be removed. Has anybody done this with theirs? If so, was it straight forward, did it need the bumper removing or can it stay in place? We've also got the foglights installed but don't think that's a problem. I did think about wrapping the bar on the existing grille but think I'd rather swap the part out.

In terms of other things, I may be adding the JCW Tuning Kit to my F55. Got a reasonable price on it fitted so may well do this going forward.

Anyhow, many thanks for any help or guidance!

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