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Just received my latest "upgrade" - the new JCW carbon/ alacantra gearknob, 5 mins to install and feels great (y)

Fitting is so easy
1. pull up base surround, it's held down by 3 spring clips so just pull upwards. If you have the driving modes on the base unplug the connector
2. pull upwards with the gearknob and it will release, be careful if it's tight so you don't hit yourself in the face :)
3. release 4 tiny tabs from the inside of the base to seperate the old gaitor fom the surround
4, slide new gaitor (it's in 1 piece with the new knob) into the surround and rotate until the tabs align - when aligned correctly the gaitor sits flush with the inside of the base
5, push gearknob onto lever shaft aligning the slot then push down and give it a thump to make sure it seated properly
6, push base down into position making sure the 3 spring clips are aligned - plug in driving modes connector before pushing base down if you have this fitted
7, admire your new knob :)


New (inc pro exhaust button holder)
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