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so i ordered a 2016 JCW 2 door and its gonna be here soon (about 1-2 week)

Im a little suspicious and i would like to ask if the price is right or i could bargain when the car get here

i live in Canada,Quebec and i have to pay tps and tvq its about equal to 15% of what i buy in taxes :/

-MidnightBlack Metallic = 590$
Dinamica Leather = 2,250$
Essentials Package = 1,050$
Mini Connected 6,5 inch = 800$
17" JCW track Spoke black = 200$
Color Line Glowing Red = 250$
Harma Kardon sound system = 750$
Mini Yours Porcelaion white interior = 350$
Cockpit Chrono Package = 250$
MINI black healight rings (back and rear) = 300$
Essential Black wheater floor mats=136$

here what is give me with all the stuff below

MSRP: $35.00
Total Added Features: $6,490.00
Total Accessories: $442.00 *
Freight & PDI: $2,145.00
Air conditioning tax: $100.00
Motor Vehicle Industry Council Fee: $10.00
Retail Administration Fee: $399.00
Tire Tax: $23.36
Registration fee ppsa: $53.73
Total Fees: $2,731.09
All Incl. Configured Price: $42,325.00


15% on 42,325.00=

48,663.17 CAD$

i did a trade in with my mini r56 2008 with 67,000km on it they give me 8500 (they take 15% off my trade in again... )for it before selling tax so with my trade in the price go back around 42,325.00$ so basicly my mini r56 just pay the 15% taxes...

now i just want to know if this seems right or im getting hustle :/ what did you guys paid for it ?

sorry for my english i try my best thank you and cheers
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