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JCW Pro coilover unboxing

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I decided that for now I'm going to opt for an "OEM+" motif for my JCW. Part of that decision was centered around the fact that the new JCW Pro coilover offering is in fact built by KW, yet still comes with a MINIUSA warranty that spans the new car warranty. Motor City MINI gave me a lovely package price with the coilovers when buying the JCW, so it was an easy decision. Keep in mind the JCW is my daily driver, and I have my turbo Miata built up as the hardcore Hoosier-shod track car, so a dollop of comfort with sporting intentions are the theme here.

The bigger-than normal box fits comfortably in the F56's larger boot. :biggrin5:
JCW Pro coilovers unboxing by Ryephile, on Flickr

The part number is 33502341197 for "retrofit kit sports suspension" (for cars without DDC)
JCW Pro coilovers unboxing by Ryephile, on Flickr

A very nice microfiber bag holds the spring perch adjuster wrench
JCW Pro coilovers unboxing by Ryephile, on Flickr

A little more unpacking shows the foam-wrapped rear springs, thread-locker compound, "Attention: John Cooper Works sport suspension installed" sticker (LOL), and front struts, the expanding foam keeping everything night and snug.
JCW Pro coilovers unboxing by Ryephile, on Flickr

Here's an up-close of the stainless steel front strut, the stickers indicate "Left" and "Right" sides, and the "made by KW" clearly marked.
JCW Pro coilovers unboxing by Ryephile, on Flickr

Here are the dampers and springs all together on the bench. The rear bumpstops have new dust boots snapped into them. I presume the fronts will re-use the original dust boot bellows
JCW Pro coilovers unboxing by Ryephile, on Flickr

The rear springs, rear height adjusters with very nice rubber noise isolators, thread locker, wrench, and sticker. Where should the sticker go? :confused5:
JCW Pro coilovers unboxing by Ryephile, on Flickr

Close up of the rear height adjuster. It's nicely anodized aluminum, likely right off the shelf at KW but anodized black instead of purple. The rubber isolator is actually a very OEM looking 2-piece design that plugs into the coil spring end.
JCW Pro coilovers unboxing by Ryephile, on Flickr

In all it's a very nice looking kit. It's clear it's had an OEM touch over the normal KW offerings, which is a big plus. I'll post more information on the stroke and bumpstops when I remove the stock bits to have a solid comparison.
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Hello Ryephile,

New to this forum. Thank you very much for this excellent post.

One topic that has not been covered yet (here at least) is car alignment after install.

Can you offer any insights on that?

Have you gotten the car aligned after the install? If so, what were the final camber and toe settings achieved? How they do compare to the stock values? Did you use or had to use any camber plates (front) or variable length link arms (rear) to achieve a those settings?

Thank you in advance!!
Cool! Thank you!

So no front negative camber has to be corrected right? Or at least noticeable.

I am trying to stay away from non mini parts and I remember my days back with Hondas and Toyotas having to dial back negative camber both front and rear with links, camber plates (that typically delete the shock upper bushing making road noise worse, etc...)

Anyway, if you care to share your final settings whenever that'd be great!!

Thank you once again!

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I totally agree about the offset front control arm bushing. Not a good solution.

Let's hope we have some good and quiet camber plates soon!

Thank you for your experienced comments and sweet ride BTW.


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1 - 4 of 65 Posts
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