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Toying with the idea of chopping my fully loaded MCS for a JCW but, on balance, I think I'm happier keeping the toys than gaining the extra bhp. Reason being I only drive 5 miles per day then maybe 50 miles over the weekend. I barely get to put my foot down.

So... My mind turns to fitting the JCW tuning kit as a compromise. Price seems to be around £2100 inc fitting. Dealers often have specials so wondered if anyone knew of one? I'm based in the NE but willing to travel a 100 miles or so.

Alternatively, any tips on releasing a few extra horses? I've not been down the tuning route before so a little nervous.

Thanks in advance
If you're looking for an easy boost in performance and don't care as much about the JCW Pro exhaust that comes with the tuning kit, look at doing a power module.

There are a few out there, most between $300-400 and they'll net you about 20-40 extra HP and ft-lb of torque. Burger Tuning makes one, NM Engineering (that's what I have-recommended), Remus, plus a couple others I'm probably forgetting. These take about 15 minutes to install and can be removed just as easily.

There's several threads about these, just search around. :)
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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