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JCW tuning kit

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Hello everyone. I'm looking for some details on the tuning kit and what's included exactly.

I know it includes tune/reflash, full exhaust, and a remote to control the exhaust, but was wondering about the intake and anything else that's included.

Thanks for the help. Cheers!
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So it looks like all the exhaust gets you is a switch so that you can change the setting from "normal car" to "annoy the neighborhood/Boy Racer".

Does anyone have performance specs for the JCW exhaust? Does it actually do anything besides drain money from your wallet?
did you notice the power increase? 15kw or 19Bhp doesnt sound like a lot considering the price?

I think he did:

Best part is the performance gains....pulls really hard! It's like a different car!
You must be the lucky one, they are on a national freeze right now. Not sure when more are going to be released to the usa.
They did have it.... but because Americans love to sue people for the most pathetic reasons its had to be withdrawn.

Apparently the issue is that people have claimed in the past (gen 1 and 2) that the exhaust tips stick out too far past the bumper apron and guess what?!....the same issue has reared its head again.

Its withdrawn until they shorten the length of the unfinished tips so the decorative tips sit further inside the bumper.
I swear, sometimes it seems we're too stupid to have our own country.
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I'm getting the JCW Tuner kit for my S. If you buy the JCW Sport Exhaust, you'll get a louder sound and some extra pops. The Tuner Kit gets you a different JCW exhaust with a Bluetooth remote to open and close the baffles. This also includes ECU tuning and an extra 30 horsepower.
Understood. All of the bang is in the software. From what I see the exhaust mod does nothing but increase the amount of noise emitted (with a convenient little bluetooth thingie, no less). There is no exhaust tuning, no improved airflow, no high-efficiency catback, nothing but a valve to bypass the muffler.

Looks like a ripoff to me.
According to my Service Advisors, the tuner exhaust adds 30 hp to the cooper s because of the ecu remapping.
I would posit that the ECU remap is what adds the power-- Not a valve that bypasses the last 12" of the exhaust.

I appreciate that MINI is offering a way to pump up the S. But at least the R56 JCW kit got you a functional exhaust that did in fact provide performance improvements. It seems to me that the F56 kit remaps the ECU and then throws in a Boy Racer mod to make the car sound gnarly/annoying without actually improving the performance.

The price is too steep. Skip the silly Boy Racer exhaust and give me the ECU upgrade for 1/2 the price and I'll bite.
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There is around 8 bhp increase (dyno results) with exhaust flap open compared to flap closed

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Cool. Evidence?
Awesome. Thank you. Finally answers the question on the usefulness of the exhaust mod.
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