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JCW tuning kit...

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Just had a quote from my dealer to have the kit fitted, prices including vat are as follows..

Chrome tips £1872
Carbon tips £2136

Does this seem like the figure you guys with the kit have paid? thought it would be a bit less tbh...
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£1800 with carbon tails fitted seems a bit better, might have to show my dealer that webpage and see if they can match? It's a bit of a trek to travel to Blackpool from my house! Thanks for letting me know ;)
Funnily enough I just checked my local dealer site and that deal is nowhere to be seen! Haven't even got the kit for the F56, only R56 cooper s. I'll have to ask them.
Well it seems my dealer is obviously trying to bend me over!! as looking back on the website,I have found the very same deal as you have shown @Hat
Seems that deal is available across the board, will bring that to his attention tomorrow then if I choose to go ahead before the end of May, will probably go to another dealer to have fitted. Thanks again @Hat ;)
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1 - 4 of 8 Posts
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