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Ok, I'll totally confuse you with my response, but here are a few things to chew on...

I didn't get the sunroof on my JCW, but I've never been much of a fan. I've had one on my '96 Jeep Grand Cherokee - Orvis Edition (the highest optioned Jeep in its day), and for 19 years I'd say the sunroof has been open 5 or 6 times! Ha!

It's just something to leak and otherwise go wrong somewhere. I prefer a solid black roof, and I'll enjoy waxing it I'm sure. Plus, the S/R was an extra $1,000. Sadly, in the NE here in the US we've had a couple horrendous winters...if I still lived in Florida I'd most likely opt for the S/R, but then again I'd probably not go with the black roof either.

There's alot of things to consider. If I was in CA like you, with all the nice weather you get there, I'd possibly lean toward having the S/R.

One thing I've noticed about all MINI's during my search is the drip rail around the roof and the S/R trim/seal tend to "Fade" quite badly over time....just some things to consider. It takes alot of "Forever Black" or something similar to keep that stuff looking optimum.

If you are an outdoor person, and like convertibles though, you'll like the S/R.

Bottom line though, a S/R on a JCW though???, S/R for my JCW!!! Just like there's minimal electonic gadgets for me's a driver's car!

If I wanted roof stripes there's no way I'd mess with the panoramic s/r...maybe so if it was a simpler-typical multi-function s/r, but the panoramic extends the entire length of the roof! I wouldn't put stripes on that.

Good luck,

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