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Jerking when shifting

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Hi to everyone, i've got my f56 std cooper since november but i've got a small doubt. Ever since i got it i can't get to shift quickly from 1st to 2nd gear comfortably, either i have to release the clutch slowly (like 2-3 seconds) or the car will jerk a little bit, even if i give it a little gas when releasing. I can't get to make "automatic like" shifts only from 1st to 2nd, especially when im driving fast. Is this normal or should I get it checked?
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So, what is it then? Kinda mixed answers. To be more precise, it feels like the car pushes a bit forward or maybe a little jerking. I can get perfect shifts but they need perfect coordination. Not very uncomfortable but I'd like to have a flawless Mini in case this is a technical fault.
If it were me I'd return it to the dealer and ask someone there to test drive it with you in the vehicle and see if they have any difficulties. If not it's you, if so it's the car.
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