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Jerking when shifting

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Hi to everyone, i've got my f56 std cooper since november but i've got a small doubt. Ever since i got it i can't get to shift quickly from 1st to 2nd gear comfortably, either i have to release the clutch slowly (like 2-3 seconds) or the car will jerk a little bit, even if i give it a little gas when releasing. I can't get to make "automatic like" shifts only from 1st to 2nd, especially when im driving fast. Is this normal or should I get it checked?
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Are you an experienced manual transmission operator?

What you're describing sounds like a timing issue between clutch release and throttle application. I've driven manual transmissions for decades and I still blow it every now and then, not providing enough juice when upshifting, especially from first to second. The result feels like what you're describing.

Try giving it a bit more gas as you let out the clutch.
I've driven stick for 14 years, and our f55 does the same thing, you don't have this happen between any other gears. One needs to question if it's technique or the gearbox
I've read reviews where the reviewer mentioned an unusual spacing in the lower gears. I wonder if that's the issue-- People are just not used to the gear spacing?
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