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Jerking when shifting

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Hi to everyone, i've got my f56 std cooper since november but i've got a small doubt. Ever since i got it i can't get to shift quickly from 1st to 2nd gear comfortably, either i have to release the clutch slowly (like 2-3 seconds) or the car will jerk a little bit, even if i give it a little gas when releasing. I can't get to make "automatic like" shifts only from 1st to 2nd, especially when im driving fast. Is this normal or should I get it checked?
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Mine does this if I release the clutch too quickly without enough gas. But if I concentrate on a slower smooth release it's fine. Feels like it gives it a burst of power if the clutch is lifted too quick. Seem to have gotten used to being a bit smoother when driving normally, and to be honest it kind of helps when accelerating quickly. Like I said only seems to do it if I'm being a bit aggressive with the clutch release.

Edit: And also the downshifting jerk only happens if you keep your foot on the clutch too long when changing down, as it stops the rev-matching from happening automatically. So the revs will begin to fall and will jerk if you're going too fast when downshifting between 3rd and 2nd.
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