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John Cooper Works Tuning Parts for the F56 ( incl prices )

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JCW Brake Kit - 1650 EUR

4 piston caliper (chilli red / JCW logo)
350 x 30mm drilled & slotted discs

Available - 03/15

JCW Adjustable Suspension - 1330 EUR

10-20 mm adjustable suspension (coilovers)

2 stainless steel adjustable suspension legs with red springs for the front.

2 dampers for the rear with 2 adjustable spring plates for the rear and red springs.

Available - more information on request (I don't have any more info though!!)

John Cooper Works Engine Tuning Kit - 1630 EUR (not including exhaust tips)

Carbon Tips - 208 EUR
Stainless Tips - 87 EUR

189 bhp increased to 208 bhp
280nm increased to 300nm
Bluetooth 4.0 controlled exhaust to bypass rear silencer on demand

Available - unconfirmed

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Only in conjunction with the £1.6k tuning kit!!! ;(
Going to save for the engine tuning and get the cheap exhaust tips lol
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I WANT! Good job really as it sounds like I'm getting it, jamesant? :D
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I'm generally supportive of buying OEM extras, but there will be aftermarket exhaust systems and remaps on the market next year tipping 230bhp for half that price, I think I'll wait for the tuners!
If the price is 1630EUR that is a shade over £1300 - for a remap and exhaust that isn't bad value; not as good as the aftermarket options but they won't come with a BMW warranty...
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What about for the non s f56's???
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Hi everybody, JCW exhaust system ordered! , expected time of delivery mid February here in Italy . Waiting........
Yes what about us Cooper fans. Like the reply by the way oscarcat and jamesant!
Just picked up my MCS today with the JCW tuning kit and I'm blown away with the sound and even more so with the performance! Feels like a different car!! Pulls HARD!

Here's a clip. Cheers!
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In quiet mod what's the difference in sound with the stock ?
I had a quote for the JCW brake upgrade of £1,545 fitted from my local Mini garage but no idea yet on availability as the parts are not currently available to order.
Do you have any more advice or testimonial on the engine tuning and exhaust kit? What's it like... I want to know more please :)
After all the youtube vids I've watched, my testimonial is that I want either the JCW or Remus catback, that's fo sho!
Just heard the 210 cup with the Bluetooth exhaust. Totally amazing!
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I have a base model, will the JCW tuning kit work with it, or what would i need to change?
I have a base model, will the JCW tuning kit work with it, or what would i need to change?
The tuning kit will only work with the Cooper S
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