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A lot of cars used to have doors instead of hatches so that the kids could get into the back. We also remember how some E-Class wagons had Tesla-like reversed trunk seats. Of course, we live in the era of health and safety, and putting people in the trunk is a big no-no because they would die in a crash.

But once you do get somebody in the trunk, American laws dictate that there must be a trunk release on the inside so they can get out. It makes kidnapping people difficult but not impossible.

With two easy-access doors and a larger trunk, the MINI Clubman is better for carrying a dead body to the nearby woods. But what if you wake up in the back of one, can you still get out? Yes, but only if it's your car and there's a key fob in your pocket.

This guy is showcasing the practicality of a 2016 Clubman by doing something slightly stupid. Thankfully, Alex has the foresight to leave one of the doors open AND keep the fob in his pocket. It takes him a couple of tries, but he eventually manages to get the trunk to open and get out.

The Clubman is considered by many to be MINI's first compact car, an indirect rival for the VW Golf. Behind the only barn doors in the class is a 17.5 cubic foot trunk, which can be increased to 47.9 cubic feet with the rear seats folded down.

We want to be positive and say only nice things about the Clubman. But while the cabin is larger than in the 5-door hardtop, this is not the most practical car in the world. For example, the taillights are on the hatch, unlike in the previous model. So you want to transport longer items with the trunk open... it's illegal. Secondly, the handles are too low so that most people will grab the wipers.

Editor's note: If the trunk is not for people, why are there pockets and storage cubbies back there? Might as well throw in a USB port too!

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