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just ordered it :)

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Hello guys l, just signed up to the forum as I just ordered my cooper s the spec I ordered was

White silver
249 multi function swheel
2XC JCW Steering wheel
493 storage compartment pack
4aa anthracite head lining
4BD piano black trim
4V9 mini excitement pack
4VA mini driving modes
534 dual zone air con
563 interior light pack
2HW JCW track black alloys
325 JCW spoiler
3A1 JCW aero kit
521 rain sensor auto
7L5 media xl pack
609 mini satnav xl
6NE enhanced Bluetooth
6NT mini connected xl
223 variable damper control
2TB sport semi auto
359 heated windscreen
383 roof In black
473 centre armrest
544 cruise control
6AD mini head up display
6NM mini connected

And then standard options, some where pointless to list but u was just copying the pack so though would just put each one :) I was wondering a couple of things
1) has anybody got the semi auto or head up display and if so could you tell me how good they are
2)has anobody got the JCW performance pack and if so how much is it and is it worth it?

Thanks guys :) can't wait to get it, been looking at everyone's on here and it's been making me itchy to get mine I need it lol
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Oops I meant I was following my pack *
Welcome Josh , nice spec
Thanks pal I'm itching to get it, do you have one and of so do you think is worth it
V nice spec .I have the hud and totally love it. Looks cool coming out of the dash and shows you mph sat nav directions and cruise plus radio channels and next and previous tracks . .without taking your eyes off the road much. If you get t h e driver assist pack it shows speed limit too apparently though I haven't. I love it.
Yeah the HUD is the main reason I started looking at them as It looked amazing, do you have any pics of yours on mate sounds could swe what it's like and yeah I didn't get the drivers assistance pack as I test drove one with it on and I can't see myself using any of it
Me neither will see if I can get some pics at weekend!!

Thanks mate that would be brilliant
Congrats Josh! What an awesome build
Nice to see more interest in the white silver- it seems to be one of the least popular colors. I can't wait to see pictures!!

Yeah i have found it hard getting pictures of people with white silver, but I think it looks really nice and I got black viper stripes and red wing mirrors and indacator surrounds to split the colour up a bit
Lovely spec Josh, I really like the White Silver. I am wondering about how the HUD will be without the driver assistant pack too; I think even without the speed limit display it will still be a cool gadget to have as others have already said.

What is the eta for your Mini?
Erm they said the standard 8-10 weeks but then when I spoke to them recently they said end of November but I'm not holding my breathe lol
I went to see the HUD in person because all the pics and videos I found on the internet were underwhelming. Because of the way the image is projected onto the HUD screen it appears larger the further away you are from it. People have the camera in front of them, closer than their eyes would be when driving, so the text on the HUD is very small in the photos.

In real life it is larger and quite readable (which was my concern). It still doesn't fill the screen, but this allows for different seating positions and different sized drivers... the displayed image changes position on the screen as your head moves around. There are adjustments to move it up and down and to rotate it on the screen. Also, some types of sunglasses make the HUD go almost invisible.

I added it as a toy, but it's become indispensible, especially with the satnav. You get your next turn instruction right there in front of you, with street name and distance countdown as you approach. Some large junctions have lane guidance too.
Yeah i liked it as a gadget but think it will be worth having it as a ease of driving. I'm just excited to get it to be honest, does anybody know if you can add packs such as the Harmon kardon and the JCW Performance pack later on after you already have the car
Ps sorry I should've switched the head lights off! When I feel like
Moving will have another go. Speed is there and the music choices but didn't get round to sat nav!

They are great thanks mate, and oh that's so annoying how did you do it, does that mean 5 weeks of no driving
I hope you get better pal
Hey Josh the JCW performance pack isn't availible in the states yet
Oh how annoying I bet they release it start of next year for you guys, it's released over here as it is in the brochure for extras but it was like £2500 so I decided for now not to and then I will buy it next year sometime to add it on
Hi there hope these will up load. Took last night I was going to take some more but broke my arm and they can't put it in a pot so am rather I' at the mo!
And brilliant thanks mate these give me a good concept of it :)
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