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just ordered it :)

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Hello guys l, just signed up to the forum as I just ordered my cooper s the spec I ordered was

White silver
249 multi function swheel
2XC JCW Steering wheel
493 storage compartment pack
4aa anthracite head lining
4BD piano black trim
4V9 mini excitement pack
4VA mini driving modes
534 dual zone air con
563 interior light pack
2HW JCW track black alloys
325 JCW spoiler
3A1 JCW aero kit
521 rain sensor auto
7L5 media xl pack
609 mini satnav xl
6NE enhanced Bluetooth
6NT mini connected xl
223 variable damper control
2TB sport semi auto
359 heated windscreen
383 roof In black
473 centre armrest
544 cruise control
6AD mini head up display
6NM mini connected

And then standard options, some where pointless to list but u was just copying the pack so though would just put each one :) I was wondering a couple of things
1) has anybody got the semi auto or head up display and if so could you tell me how good they are
2)has anobody got the JCW performance pack and if so how much is it and is it worth it?

Thanks guys :) can't wait to get it, been looking at everyone's on here and it's been making me itchy to get mine I need it lol
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Hey Josh the JCW performance pack isn't availible in the states yet
1 - 2 of 22 Posts
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