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Justa or S??

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Soon my lease ends and I don't know what to get. I have a Cooper 2011 automatic. For sure I will get the standard (did not have one in my colour last time). Now the new MINIs come with more hp than my current 120hp they are already faster with 134hp.
And then there is the Sport button.
Any suggestions here?
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Totally agree kenl I was amazed at the Cooper, please let's not call it a just a! It really is quick enough for me even coming from an r56 cooper s and I love the engine note.
Generally we sit nose to tail in traffic any way. I get my speed kicks from the motorbike.
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The growl of the 3 cylinder and its running costs and only 1sec be hind the s did it for me!
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Sorry what's a swmbo. Yes minis seem very cheap to insure.combined low repair cost and great security I suppose . She pays 130 fully comp for a roadsters s ie 184bhp!! I had to ring e sure and check they'd not made a mistake.!! She's early 40's.
Sorry, being thick! I Get it! And yes am in that club!
I used the money I saved on the s to put every but of kit I really wanted into my Cooper. Still end up with a very very expensive small car. Cheap to run though!
You need to tell me what those extras were now Travis. Am intrigued. . Assume you have a cooper s. I was very torn too. I think what really did it for me was,sadly I had to sell my triumph Daytona 955i, a lovely superbike with the most amazing 3 cylinder engine because it was too uncomfy! The mini 3 cylinder reminds . Me of that or a Porsche.
Get you. Very canny and its supposed to be a brilliant engine too. Well done you!
You're right oost sounds like you did really well. As you say get on the configurator and spec everything and you can spend far too much cash! Fun though and its a great car. Like what you did.
I thought, ill risk it!
We both think the same cesarpand. First time ever in a car I've gone equipment over performance, but I am just fed up of driving a fast car in traffic jams. I have the motor bike for the speed Buzz and that makes traffic irrelevant. My wife was very worried about my choice but the Cooper is only 0.3 seconds slower to 60mph than my beloved mr2 mk2! It is not a slow car and I have not missed my r56 mcs with 184 bhp. In fact t it's so quiet and refined I regularly have to check my speed.70 feels like50!
Sure does Richard. Bet road surfaces are decent in Germany too. Here in the uk it's pothole city! Hence I went for 17" wheels but no run flats! Smaller actually would've been better but I liked the looks!
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