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Lapisluxury Blue $1,000

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Does anybody know why lapis luxury Blue is 1K while the rest of the Colors is only $ 500.00? I ask my Dealer and they do not have an answer. Maybe Mini charges $ 500.00 more because of the word luxury is in the Color Name. I know it is somewhat a silly question but a curios mind wants too know.:confused:
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Jelster, I agree great color combo:)

Looks like there is a Copy cat in Florida.:D

After waiting for 2 months after placing my order at Vista MINI for my 2016 MINI Cooper S, this past Saturday Clark officially became mine!! Vista MINI and Boca Tint and Wraps did a phenomenal job with the customizations required to transform Kal-El into Clark/SuperMINI!!

here is the step by step and no it is not me.
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I have to say it sure is a nice color and the superman mini is different. Kinda cool and I bet the car get,s plenty of attention. Thank you for all the input. Honestly I felt kinda stupid to ask the question but as always the members here had some great answers. :)
1 - 4 of 16 Posts
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