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Lapisluxury Blue $1,000

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Does anybody know why lapis luxury Blue is 1K while the rest of the Colors is only $ 500.00? I ask my Dealer and they do not have an answer. Maybe Mini charges $ 500.00 more because of the word luxury is in the Color Name. I know it is somewhat a silly question but a curios mind wants too know.:confused:
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Got to be a marketing ploy. BMW are good at selling you something that costs them no extra at extra cost. For example anthracite headlining or clear indicator lenses where you pay extra for the same thing in a different colour.

Lapis Luxury blue would make your car very distinctive because there are not many cars around as hardly anyone would pay twice the price for the same metallic paint. Conversely BMW marketed Blazing Red and Moonwalk Grey metallics at a cheaper price initially before putting the price up.
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