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EuroNCAP has released the results of its seventh batch of safety assessments of the year.

Out of 15 cars tested by the EuroNCAP in this batch, only 11 managed to obtain a five-star rating. The BMW Group had three of its cars tested by the safety-minded organization in Europe, but only one of them, the new BMW X1, got a five-star rating. Curiously, its platform sibling - the MINI Clubman - only obtained a four-star rating.

The third BMW model tested by EuroNCAP in this year's seventh session, the BMW Z4, only got three stars.

The main reason for BMW Z4's relatively low rating is its launch date, the current generation of the roadster having been unveiled in 2009 and updated in 2013. Although the roadster doesn't have any critical safety issues, the German cabriolet isn't fitted with autonomous braking systems, lane assist systems, or speed limit assist technologies.

A fun fact about the BMW Z4 is that the model still manages to obtain maximum points for protecting all critical body regions in the full-width rigid barrier test, and the passenger compartment of the Z4 remained stable in the frontal impact test. Moreover, the roadster offered good protection against whiplash injury in the rear-end collision test.

The BMW Z4 was not assessed in the pole test procedure, though. Unfortunately for the Z4, an autonomous braking system is not available, which means that the roadster isn't eligible for a five-star rating.

The two other BMW Group products tested by EuroNCAP in this year's seventh session were the MINI Clubman and the BMW X1. The MINI scored four stars, while its platform sibling, the X1, obtained five stars. The difference between them was set by their scores in the pedestrian safety and child occupant safety departments, along with the safety assist assessment.

Tons of good parts left in this picture :)

The BMW X1 received better scores in the pedestrian safety test thanks to its active hood design, a system that raises the hood in milliseconds if an imminent impact with a pedestrian is detected. The other UKL platformed car tested in the seventh round of EuroNCAP safety procedures, the MINI Clubman, doesn't have an active hood system, its overall score suffering mainly because of this very reason.

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