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I have read that LED headlights retrofit is not possible (or too complicated) for the F56. But I quite never understood why.

I have a Cooper F56 and after a minor accident both halogen headlights, standard on mine, must be changed. I was thinking then to get a pair of LED headlights.
What else would I need? Would that be possible, even if I have to change wiring and other components?

Last question, if changing the headlights is not possible can I at least put LED daytime lights and add front fog lights (I have found a very cheap pair of led front fog lights on eBay)?

Thank you so much!
There's more to it than just changing wiring. If you're going to do it, then don't half ass it. Just sticking LED bulbs in mirror reflective housing is scattering the light thus making them ineffective and blinding to on-coming drivers. You need proper projectors.
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