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Just got an e-mail from the mini manager where I ordered. The LED rally lights are now available as a port installed option.

Title: LED Driving Lights available on the VIA (VDC-Installed Accessories) program!

Aftersales Business Development and Marketing is excited to launch our LED Driving Lights to the VIA (VDC-Installed Accessories) program!
Product Description VIA Code
LED Chrome Driving Lights MINI ZF1
LED Black Driving Lights MINI ZF3

Switched on or off: the completely revamped LED driving lights scream exhilaration with their design and clear illumination to light up the night!
They combine the classic MINI driving lights familiar from rally sports, with modern LED lighting technology, delivering impressive performance with their innovative ability. Light ‘em up!!!

Susan I. Gennari

MINI Accessory Product Manager

I went ahead and amended my order! They are awesome!

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Bump! Has anyone had these installed yet on the F56? I ordered them on my JCW but my car hasn't been made yet. I'm interested in seeing how the fit & finish is on a real car. I have not seen "anybody" post up with pics of their new MINI with the accessory driving/rally lights installed.
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