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Well had my Mini for over 50 days and all I can say I had thought the new would start going away but to be truthful I still have the same love as I did when I picked it up. LOL

Well I have done a lot in the past 50 days as far as Mod's go.

1) Blacked out all the chrome body trim and headlight trim and taillight trim.

2) Window tint.

3) Hood stripes.

4) Rearview JWC mirror cover.

5) Painted break calipers red.

6) Tented head lights and tail lights and fog lights.

7) Added Black and grey scuttles to sides.

8) Wrapped front grill red.

9) Replaced antenna to carbon fiber shortie.

10) Added RED Rimblades to wheels.

11) Replaced welcome door lights to happy face. :)

12) Added Carbon fiber license plate frame cover .

13)Added Door lock wings.

14) Added Real carbon fiber door handle covers (ordered)

15) Added Real carbon fiber JCW side mirror covers (ordered)

16) Added iPhone cupholder adapter.

17) Painted gas cover black. Soon will add real carbon fiber cover.

18) Bought Blue apple watch to match car LOL !:D

19) Added checked caps to shifter.

20) Added Mini floor matts.

21) Whats next???? >:D


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This really is the business! I think you have the best customized MINI I have seen so far. I ordered checkered covers for the shifter as soon as I saw yours! Looks soooo much better than standard.

I am considering a chrome scoop but your carbon fibre scoop looks so evil I may reconsider!

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Hi. Newbie here. PLease tell me how you did that smiley thingy on the door handles, looks so cool!
They're called puddle lamps, it's a small light on the bottom of the doors. MINI makes a set and after market companies make different styles.
I've got the MINI set but can't seem to post pictures at the moment.
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