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By buying and fitting (and often spraying) four new wheel arch plastics plus the lights/reflectors. It's amazing how much money people will spend for a fairly trivial appearance change, particularly if they can tell themselves it's 'personalisation'. Though you have to wonder how 'personal' is something fitted to every US market car....
If I was to carry on your train of thought, every car has four wheels, so having four wheels that are different to another persons is not really personalisation? tinting windows a different colour is not really personalisation because other cars have windows too?, and maybe 20% of them have them tinted (not factual statistics, just an example). Personalisation is having something the way YOU like it, it doesn't have to be original to be personal.

In my opinion if someone wants to have sprayed arches or reflectors fitted that replicate what is standard in another country, the change might not be original but it is personalisation in a way that the individual that does it wants.
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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