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Did that integrated supply module (Z11) resolve your issue? A black box to me. I am inclined to cut one open to physically see the electronics inside.

Furthering the topic of 'relays', I am constructing a diagram for BDC pinout, BDC relay identification, and fuse identification for my 2016 F57 (see attached). I welcome input in building these diagrams. Hoping the process of doing this will help myself and others.

Particularly, I am looking for what I am calling 'Q locations' for the numbered BDC relays. For example, I can verify that replacing the relay, at what I am calling the 'QF' location, resolved my driver window up function.

My problem is 'KL30F front relay, internal fuse 1 is defective'. Other fault codes also point to BDC relays. I have no power at the OBD port pin 16, and the other modules listed next to 'relay 1' in the diagram are down. I am going to attempt to trace through the BDC from pin 47. I believe the relay in question is identified as "1" in the wiring diagram. But my BDC appears to have 12 relays. Which is which?

Anyone have this PCB board layout from the manufacture? Seems to me, the manufacture wants us to consider the BDC disposable. So, for my own amusement and soldering practice, I'll keep on dissecting this one, until I eventually get a new BDC.

Absolutely ace stuff.
It wasn’t my problem, I was just trying to help with locations.
Really interesting.
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