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Hey guys. I have a question about the gas cap on the 2016 F56. I am very surprised the gas cap cover doesn't lock. Since it doesn't, next thought is to purchase a lockable gas cap. Anyone made this upgrade yet? If so, where did you get your lockable gas cap from?

Just got my new 2016 Mini Cooper 2 dr hardtop 4 weeks ago. Amazing vehicle. Better build quality than my 2013 BMW 328i was that I traded in. My favorite options: 6 spd. manual, HK sound system, navigation, LED lights with LED cornering lights and LED fog lights (the BEST lights I have seen on any of the 30+ vehicles I have owned), Mini steering wheel (not the JCW wheel), garage opener on the rear-view mirror and anthracite headliner.

Another question. When did they take away the hidden storage compartment above the glove box? 2016 models do not have them anymore.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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