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Looking at a 1st gen Mini Cooper S manual as a daily driver, good idea y/n?

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My last car was recently written off so I'm in a bit of a time crunch here. I've only ever owned early 2000s American built cars, and have always tried to do the repairs myself, but currently do not have a garage to work in.
I've located a 2002 Mini Cooper S manual JDM import (right hand drive). The car only has 85k km on it and the ad says they've recently replaced the clutch, the pictures show the body in good condition, so I'll be going to see it later this week. I've always wanted a mini but with it being my daily driver I wouldn't want to be working on it all the time.
All the research I've been doing hasn't really swayed me in either direction but all the comments about the engine bay being cramped scare me a bit for when it comes time to get my hands dirty. Side note- I can drive manual but have never personally owned one.
Any thoughts or recommendations you have would be greatly appreciated.
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Thank you Rich! I will take my question there. Navigating forums on mobile is such a pain when you have multiple tabs running :p
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