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I picked up my f56 cooper yesterday and am absolutely delighted with her. However, I found in the passenger footwell what I hope is a spare bolt. It looks identical to those used to secure the seat rails, but I can't see an obvious place where one is missing. Both the passenger and driver seats each have 4 bolts in place, one in each corner.

Nothing seems to be loose or rattling, does anybody know if the rails are meant to be secured with more than four bolts per seat? I'm worried that the Mrs might fly out the window.

I'm hoping it was just a bit of finger trouble in the factory - either that or the generous provision of a spare. Dealer has said book into service centre which I'd like to avoid if I can for the sake of time.

I'm not allowed to post an image url - but if you add the below text to dropbox dot com there's a picture of said bolt. Cheers

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