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Loose Parts in Bumper?

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I was washing the bugs off the front of my F60 when I noticed the end of a bolt sticking out of the bottom of my bumper (it was pointing down). It looked weird,. and when I went to touch it, it was just loosely hanging there, poking out through (what I imagine was) a water draining hole. I tapped the bottom of this area (it was soft rubber) and the bolt jumped around.

It took a considerable effort to get it out of this little compartment because I couldn't find any other opening to it, other than this little hole at the bottom. Once out, I inspected it and it looked relatively new (considering car parts and weather) and the threads did not look used. I was thinking "did I run over this and it somehow kicked up into here?". There's that side vent for air and maybe it came over the wheel well and then dropped in somehow.

For fun, I tapped the other side (passenger) of the bumper and to my surprise something was rattling around in there, too! This time, it was a fancy-looking bracket/fastener of some kind. This was even more difficult to pull thru the small hole but I got it out. Another very new looking part, with no damage at all. The theory of kicking up metal from the road became less viable.

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Does anyone know what these are? Do you know if these could be "extra parts" that somehow got left inside when manufacturing? Or something else? I'm going to the dealership regardless to find out from them. So strange. Curiously, the bolt actually threads perfectly inside that fastener. It's curious because they were at opposite sides of the car.

I purchased my Countryman in November 2021 and have 25k miles on it. First I am noticing this. There's been no rattling noise since that "compartment" down there is almost completely rubber. So I've never noticed anything until I saw that bolt sticking thru the bottom. It must have randomly fell in the hole like that after months of bouncing around (presuming that it's been in there since the beginning).

The tiny hole where I could pull the parts out of:

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Automotive parking light Vehicle Automotive tire Automotive lighting Hood
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headlight housing retaining clip and bolt.
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headlight housing retaining clip and bolt.
You're completely right!

I opened the hood and I can see three separate mounting points for the lights, each with this bracket and bolt. They're all intact, so I assume these parts just sort of "fell in there" during manufacturing. My car was made during the peak of Covid so I am not too surprised by this.
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