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Lounge leather grey (nearly white) help

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Did a daft thing and got satellite lounge leather in very pale grey
Looks fantastic in the showroom :)
Car looked too dark in black,
Only 2k in and I'm beginning to have second thoughts:(

Any products to help it keeping looking clean

Tried Zymol so far, think it's ok for general wipe over, but not sure it's man enough to tackle stubborn marks
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I have the lounge leather in gray too, and picked up Meguier's leather cleaner and conditioner. I've had good luck with all their products in the past. Haven't had a chance to use it on my car yet, but will next weekend.

I'll let you know how it performs.
Hi all,

I just picked up my new F55 with Satellite Grey leather today and am looking to protect the seats without making them 'plastic-y'. Any comments to make about products tried?

I've used the Meguire's several times on the front seats and was completely pleased. Removed the surface dirt and left the leather surface exactly like it was when it was new. No sheen, no gloss, no coating, no nothing.

I have been using the towels I bought to cover the seats if I drive when my dirty jeans after a day at the trap range.
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