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Low Tyre Pressure

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For those who have not yet experienced a low pressure warning. Today i heard the usual bong and a message came up on the HUD LOW PRESSURE WARNING. On the dash a diagram pops up with the car chassis with lines at each corner denoting tyres and they're all flashing. Then in a matter of seconds it changes to show which tyre is low and then all the corner lines disappear leaving the one with an a small arrow pointing at it, telling me this trye is the culprit. THEN a long descriptive warning appears on the central console explaining that YOU MUST STOP AS SOON AS POSSIBLE and message cannot be removed plus additional warnings such as stay below 20mph.

Well you can imagine how i felt. God ive a puncture so i gingerly made the final 2 miles home on main roads thinking the tyre will fly off the very wheel any minute. Got home and checked the tyre to find there was nowt wrong with it. Looked exactly the same as i started that morning. Its a good idea to have an electric tyre pump so i pumped in a very small amount of air and all is fine.
I know a lot of safety is built into this car but the car appears not to tell the difference between a tiny amount of air or a full puncture unless a different message is displayed for that occasion. This all seemed over the top to me and very dramatic for a tiny loss of air.
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I have a question for someone in the know how about tyres.

Which tyres would be better 'The Run Flat' or the normal ones?

See with my old mini 08 reg. I had Run Flat and I must have changed the tyres at least 5/6 times in the span of 6 years as they kept getting punctured all the time in total I changed 11 tyres. Before that I had a VW beetal and in the 5 years of my driving I only ever changed all 4 tyres once when the thread was worn out they were just normal tyres.

I recently bought F55 Mini cooper with the Run Flat again about 3 weeks ago and have already picked a puncture yesterday, which is really upsetting as I haven't even done 700 miles and cant understand if its just my luck or is it that run flat tyres get punctured more easily.

Mini is quoted me approx £185 for the pirelli tyres .
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