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The previous model was R56, not R53. ;)

The new F56 model is 98mm longer, 44mm wider and 7mm taller than the outgoing R56 generation, while its wheelbase has been stretched by 42mm to 2495mm. In addition, the track widths have been enlarged by 42mm front / 34 mm rear. As a result of the increased dimensions (3821mm length, 1727mm width, 1414mm height), the new MINI not only offers more interior cabin room but also 211 liters of cargo capacity, a significant increase of 30 percent.

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Sorry I was refereing to the R53 that my wife had owned. We had one a while back and I was wondering the differences for luggage capacity between the two.

30% is huge but i really have to see it for myself to compare.

Thanks RalphR56.

On a side note, my curiosity lies in how much of a difference did the stretch in the wheelbase has made for handling.
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