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Counting down the days to get my MINI, the 28th of December. But already looking for other exhaust. Don't know yet what I should do or what is the best for a Cooper S.

Thinking about:
- MINI JCW Pro kit + tuning
- Remus Catback
- Fi Exhaust
- Armytrix

Are there pros and cons as far as you know with these exhausts?
In open valve mode the armytrix is incredibly loud, maybe too loud? Very expensive too. The JCW Pro Kit is also very expensive but can be fitted by your mini dealer if that gives you any extra piece of mind.

The Fi I don't know as much about, only seen a few videos on youtube. The Remus a lot of people have here on their cars and all say very good things about it however to my ears it sounds a little too harsh in open valve mode.
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