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Matrix LED headlights retrofit

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Yes, this is possible, and actually quite simple.
You need to get the headlights, and they are not cheap
You need E-Sys and a relatively new PSdZData, and you need to know how to use it (or know someone who does)
The F60 needs to have LED headlights (the "normal" ones) already
It also needs to have KAFAS for the camera based high beam assist.

If all these prerequisites are met, exchanging the lights takes about 15 minutes, and programming about 20.
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I have been thinking of doing the same upgrade to my F60 LCI as well but can't find the matrix headlights on the Internet and my dealership is not ready to help.

Do you by any chance know the part numbers of these headlights or where to find them?

Thank you in advance!
I think it's one of these - Online BMW Parts Catalog
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