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Finally placed the order today and paid the deposit but the BMW system was down so the dealership could not officially order so I do not know a delivery date.

My specifications are as follows
MCS 5 door
Pepper White
Chili Pack
Black roof and mirrors
Panoramic roof
LED Headlights with cornering
Visual boost radio
Mini Yours Carbon Leather
Mini Yours Steering Wheel
Mini Yours Off White Interior surfaces
Folding door mirrors
Heated Screen
Harman Kardon HiFi
Roof Rails
17" Cosmos Black Alloys
Carbon Black interior colours

Although it took me a while to build my specification I think I have got all I wanted, if budget had allowed I would have got the 6.5" Sat Nav but can't have everything. Only decided on the Harman Kardon after hearing it in the showroom and it honestly sounded so much better so it was a must. Also Mini Yours Leather was a last minute as again the showroom car had it fitted and it seemed to have more cushioning than standard leather/ sports seats. Decided not to go for Enhanced Bluetooth as I personally feel the arm rest got in my way when driving even on the lower setting and decided against the Anthracite headlining as personally I felt it made the interior feel more clostrophobic especially with the black seats

Dealer did recommend the portable fix Sat Nav as an option fit and actually saw one and they look very good so might be a dealer fit later on.

Managed to get a discount off the MRP of 10.8% and and also the dealership are providing a set of Genuine Roof Bars FOC So all in I am very happy just need to wait for a delivery date now!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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