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MEDIA XL/HUD questions

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An any of you guys help me with a couple of questions.....

1. I can't find where I can choose to have the speed limit on the HUD display. The demonstrator had it. Going through the options the HUD display has everything checked... I would find that so useful to have on the screen when in the city when the speed limits can change in a blink of an eye!

2. When I got in the car this morning I noticed all my saved radio stations had disappeared and my sat nav had reverted back to 'direction of travel' when I had changed it to perspective. Was that a blip or something to keep an eye on?

3. The 'tech lad' at the dealer said I could allocate the 6 buttons on the stereo to various favourites. I'd find having the trip details page etc as useful to find at the touch of a button rather than trying to navigate the options when I'm driving. Anyone done that?

4. Does split screen stay split all the time?

I'm obviously being too lazy to muddle through this by myself!!
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I assume you have the driver assistant pack? If so the option to show the speed limits in the HUD should be in the settings menu for the HUD. At least I think will have to check when Mrs W is back.

Odd that the car forgot your settings as they should be stored on the remote you use.

We use the six buttons to set sat nav for home and work, plus a couple of radio stations and phone numbers.

You can toggle split screen on and off as you wish and display various combinations in the windows.
Driver assist is the adaptive cruise, speed limit recognition and collision avoidance system.
And the automatic full beam... don't forget that! ;)
Oh yes of course had forgotten that.

The collision stuff scares the crap out of me I think it is a bit sensitive and am continually freaked by a load of red warning lights including the LED ring round the centre screen when something gets a bit close...and that included a plastic bag this morning:eek:
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Tis true I am:D
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Must admit I find it is a little inconsistent too. I know it uses the camera and sensors and would imagine that it does factor speed into the equation too. Ours goes bonkers when we put the car in the garage...
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