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MEDIA XL/HUD questions

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An any of you guys help me with a couple of questions.....

1. I can't find where I can choose to have the speed limit on the HUD display. The demonstrator had it. Going through the options the HUD display has everything checked... I would find that so useful to have on the screen when in the city when the speed limits can change in a blink of an eye!

2. When I got in the car this morning I noticed all my saved radio stations had disappeared and my sat nav had reverted back to 'direction of travel' when I had changed it to perspective. Was that a blip or something to keep an eye on?

3. The 'tech lad' at the dealer said I could allocate the 6 buttons on the stereo to various favourites. I'd find having the trip details page etc as useful to find at the touch of a button rather than trying to navigate the options when I'm driving. Anyone done that?

4. Does split screen stay split all the time?

I'm obviously being too lazy to muddle through this by myself!!
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Here's a cut and paste...

Renaming profiles
1. "Settings"
2. "Profiles"
The current profile is selected.
3. Open "Options".
4. "Rename current profile"

There's no picture in the manual, but I think you have to do something different for step 3 to get the options. Nudge the jog wheel right maybe? Or press the options button near the jog wheel... I'm trying to remember from my test drive...

You're not a wally you're just learning how to use your new car! And there's a lot to learn...
But when I jog the wheel again, I get the 'split window' option come up.....

don't know why I'm getting so wound up!

have you got a link to the PDF? Is it the same as the book we get?

I'll get the OH to fix it when he gets onshore, he can fix anything........
Here's a link.

Page 21 for getting to options... there should be a physical button to press near the jog dial.

Page 36 for profile renaming.

I imagine the UK manual is mostly the same...
Nah, still can't see what's wrong! Anyone else with the touchpad check their systems and see where/if I'm going wrong?......
As I haven't got my F56 yet, I can't help much.

But with the Facebook etc, I believe you need to go to the play store on your S4 and search for the Mini Connected App.

Hope that helps!
FWIW There is now more in depth mini manual available on the App Store for download to iPhone or iPad, search Mini Drivers Guide.
May be the reason why you don't get so much printed material with the car.
Only had a brief scan through it but there is a lot of data there, not sure if it will help with your current questions.
When you first start it up it asks for your VIN which I haven't got cause I'm still a couple of weeks away from delivery (hopefully). Works without it but I guess will be more specific with it.

Anyway it might help (if you are on IOS).


I have the app, and one thing you can do of course is voice command your Mini. So if you say 'profiles', it should enter the profile settings menu. Sorry, I can't find anything to do with profile renaming in the app though.
Does anyone know how to rename a radio station? All of a sudden I have one named "Allen", not what I want!
Does anyone know how to rename a radio station? All of a sudden I have one named "Allen", not what I want!
Sorry....but I just LOLed at that!!! :D:D
Is there an easy way of saving (then accessing) "favourite" navigation addresses and favourite phone numbers?

Sorry if this has been asked before or obvious.... But I'm only 2 hours in to owning my MCSD!
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