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Media XL Sat Nav Updates?

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I specced the Media XL package mainly for the built in sat nav on my Cooper S.
I used to update my portable Tom Tom every few months to keep it current and make my journeys better.

What happens with the built in MINI sat nav?
How is it updated?

Anyone had any experience of MINI or BMW sat navs?

Best wishes.
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My dealer says they bring out updates every now and visit them they plug your car into the computer and update it. Cost will be around £200 though!
I'm in the states and ordered my car recently with the media XL package. My dealer said the updates are automatic because the system is live, operates via sattelite.
I'm not sure if it's different between the UK and US but I had the same advice as jeremybingham when I was out for a test drive with my local dealer. That was the clincher for me not to spec the satnav- all the major aftermarket satnavs now either come with or have an option to add updates, I have no idea how Mini can charge so much for the system and not even provide updates for the warranty period or as a service add on for a reasonable price. Surely all they have to do is plug in a cable to update? It's not like they have to sit there and manually add all the new roads!
You're right even my dealer said he thought it a bit of a ...... however its nice to have and not many roads being built at mo in the UK!
I don't know how often the car system is updated. I know that the map is "pricey" as most of us have smartphones with free updates. With my Ford, the system update = map update ;-(
I don't know how it works with the car OS. Hopefully it gets updated for free, as BMW/Mini has the updates for the newer cars anyway and software is free :)
We'll see.
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Hi everyone,
Thanks for the advice and info, appreciated.
Some differing views here, hope I don't need to pay £200 a pop to update my sat nav.

Dont regret buying it, the large screen and convenience has been very welcome and has enhanced my ownership of my MINI.

Best wishes.
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