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Media XL SatNav

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I love the screen in the middle of the dash, but am I the only one slightly underwhelmed by the actual SatNav part of the system?
No speed limit indicators
No safety camera information
Traffic information option which actually doesn't provide any traffic info worth having?
Even basic off the shelf systems, for less than 100 quid, give you that much. I'd rather have that than 3D imagery which is of very little practical use.
Also, if you use the split screen, and have your hands at 10 and 2 on the steering wheel, you can't actually see the information you need i.e. how near the next turn have to keep moving your hands.
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I'm not experienced with satnav in general but I did get media XL for my mini. It seems like an excellent system with clear and detailed verbal instructions, including lane guidance at some junctions (although not always perfect). The turn instructions on the HUD are very handy with countdown to the junction and road names or numbers.

I do wish you could tune how far in advance the announcements are... it's not that they are last minute but at the moment it is an act of faith for me. And it would be good to be able to find tune the route... maybe setting up a trip is the way to do it... haven't tried. At the moment I get two or three alternatives to choose from. And the map isn't very detailed when you zoom right in.

I think it is more capable than I have tried so far... I like it.
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