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Media XL SatNav

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I love the screen in the middle of the dash, but am I the only one slightly underwhelmed by the actual SatNav part of the system?
No speed limit indicators
No safety camera information
Traffic information option which actually doesn't provide any traffic info worth having?
Even basic off the shelf systems, for less than 100 quid, give you that much. I'd rather have that than 3D imagery which is of very little practical use.
Also, if you use the split screen, and have your hands at 10 and 2 on the steering wheel, you can't actually see the information you need i.e. how near the next turn have to keep moving your hands.
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It's the junction diagram on the split screen which is difficult to see, as it is on the right hand side, so partly obscured by the steering wheel (or at least, your hands on it). It would have been easier to see if the junction bit was on the left hand side, but I don't think you have the option on the split screen, to choose which info goes left or right. I bit the bullet and paid for the in built SatNav, but may end up putting my old TomTom back in the car, as its cameras/speed limits and traffic info are way better. But hey, at least I can suction it to the central console, rather than having to put it in the windscreen (I used to do this on my first gen Mini, but then missed this ability in the 1 series Coupe I had after that)
Ensure that S5ASA driving assistant is in your spec. I think it's about £780 extra, on top of the Media XL. This uses the on board camera to 'see' road signs and display speeds. Different to a TomTom system, which calls up the speed info from the database...the satnav alone does not otherwise have this functionality...not sure why, as local speed limits don't change so often as to warrant this.
I guess it depends on your experience of other's fine as far as it goes, but once you are used to a system which advises speed limits, you stop looking for road signs...the info is right there in front of you. I drive in and around London, so 20/30/40/50 limits aren't always immediately obvious, if you miss a road sign...and cameras are plentiful, so the camera bit is crucial too! It just seems odd not to include the speed limits in the database, along with the other road information, like other basic systems do. Updating the database in the unlikely event that a speed limit changes can't be that onerous...and other manufacturers manage to do this.
On the plus side, the voice recognition software is brilliant, even with very unusual road names...way better than the TomTom.
I also love that 'prepare to turn left' instruction, especially as she doesn't seem to do this at a fixed distance each adds an air of mystery and excitement missing from other systems! :)
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Live and assumes that, as it is so gob-smackingly expensive, it is bound to be good! With this, and the ongoing issues with accessing playlists on the hard drive, I would recommend anyone considering spending the 1200 odd quid on MediaXL, to opt for the enhanced Bluetooth, and then buy TomTom for your phone for £55. Spend the money on the LED lights, as MD1 recommends, and the sun roof, both of which are great to have.
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