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Meet Fifty (Moonwalk Grey MCS)

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Sorry its taken me a while to post i have been busy enjoying the new motor! It arrived last Wednesday, im absolutely in love with everything about it from the low down torque delivery and engine responsiveness down to the little touches like the arrow on the fuel gauge to show you what side the fuel cap is on!

Im sorry i only have a few iPhone pics from the day of delivery im waiting for some sun to take some better ones!

Named it Fifty as Moonwalk Grey tends to take on different shades of grey in different lights (really is a great colour)

Spec highlights include

- Moonwalk Grey (yep i changed the color :D)
- Media XL Pack
- Darkened Rear Glass
- JCW Steering wheel + spoiler
- Anthracite Headlining
- LED Head lamps with DRL's
- Chrome Line Interior
- Cross Punch Leather (Black)

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Thanks for all your positive comments guys! I'm still breaking the engine in at the mo but I cannot wait to give it full beans in sports mode! Can't believe how much of a difference that little selector switch makes.. >:D

Just some advice for potential buyers..

Mine has the stock suspension and to be honest I'm very happy with it is firm and gives you encouragement to throw it into the bends but is very comfortable on a cruise.

As for colour I have had a lot of positive comments about its unusual and different and not many here on UK roads (that I have seen anyway) for anybody considering it I would highly recommend seeing it in the flesh as the Configurator image is wayyy off!
@Steph I have uploaded one rubbish out of focus image of the interior to the location on the link until I take some more hopefully at the weekend after a wash!

Loving my MINI! :D
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