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Metal flapping sound

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Looking for some guidance here.

In Sport Mode, with a a 6 spd, when decelerating in 2nd or 3rd by letting the gas off, there is a metal flapping noise (3 or 4 times) coming from the rear underside of the car. It only happens in Sport Mode but is consistent. It sounds like something is loose or not connected.

Do others have this as well?
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I have a Z4 turbo that makes the pops you describe. This is more metallic sounding (like small clanks or rattling metal). My first thought was perhaps an exhaust flap not operating correctly. However, not sure what this car has in that regard.
Good idea. I will see if I can isolate it further in the driveway.
Using premium. I tried to reproduce the sound in the driveway with no success.

I was listening to car talk today and someone with a fuel injected Alpha had "metallic jingle" sounds coming from his car when he let off the gas in 3rd. Click and clack said it was just backfire, and depending on the car and exhaust, sometimes backfire sounds metallic.

I have to assume this is what we have, and that it is normal. Still interested in hearing if other cars make the same noise though.
1 - 4 of 9 Posts
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