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My 1.3l has 4200km on the odometer and I did an oil change at 3900km with Castrol 5w30 a3/b4.

I noticed recently that the engine makes a metallic tapping noise at idle and I wondered if this was tappet noise.

It's not obvious with the bonnet closed but is quite noticeable with the bonnet up.

The car may have been like this since new but I only noticed it recently.

I tried recording the engine at idle but unfortunately it's not clear.

Has anyone else noticed this in their mini?

Thanks :)

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Direct injection engines are traditionally quite noisy or tappety though of course it's the injection not the tappets! with the bonnet shut i can def hear some tapping; quite normal i would say and much quieter than my cooper s r56! or the wife's roadster s, but our non direct injection duster is much quieter because its non direct injection! Don't panic yet!
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