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Michelin Pilot super sport - proper tire pressure

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How can I estimate the correct PSI for the 17" Michelin Pilot super sport tires on my Mini Cooper S 2-door -- Both for under 100mph and over 100mph.

The side door insert shows 35PSI and in the car manual it shows 40PSI for over 100mph but it seem to be rating it for the 16" all season tires that came it -- Or is this more a function of the type of Car instead of the specific Tire?

Just checking to see if I am doing the right thing -- Currently I have all 4 at 37psi

Thanks in advance!


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Thank you Sootyvrs!

Yeap there still fairly new so I am treating then nicely until release agents is worn out :)
I planning to use this tires for summer like driving ( APR to maybe OCT) the switch to my 16" with all season P7 -- So hopefully that will extend the life of the tires. I got these because I want GRIP on my normal drives and for the 1-2 I will go to TRACK :)

Cessa when you stated "if the tyres are wearing more on the outsides then the pressures are too low or your driving too hard!" What do you mean "driving too hard!" Is there another way you can drive a Mini? LMAO ;)
1 - 3 of 12 Posts
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